Are silk curtains in style?

Silk curtains are a classic choice for window treatments, and they continue to be popular in both traditional and contemporary homes. While silk curtains can be more expensive than other types of curtains, their luxurious look and feel make them well worth the investment. When shopping for silk curtains, keep an eye out for high-quality […]


What is a Tumour Marker? What Types of Tumour Markers are there? And What are Tumour Markers Used for?

Tumour markers are a series of substances, usually proteins, that can be found elevated in the blood or urine of people with various cancers and can also be detected in biopsies obtained from tumour tissue. Each type of tumour marker is more or less specific for a particular kind of cancer. It is vital to […]


Tired Of Ketchup, Try These New Dips

Dips are an important part of every snack, charcuterie board, lunch, and party tray: but ketchup is played out and boring.  Although you can still have some love for that red sauce, it’s normal to want to try something new and exciting when you’re dipping fries. These are the top dips that don’t require tomatoes: […]