Using Metal Roofing As A Colorful Detail

If covering entire walls with metallic tiles is too daring for you, there is also the option of covering specific spaces to complement the decor. The apartment was all decorated economically with excellent materials, a burnt cement floor, plywood cabinets, OSB benches, and exposed pipes. The highlight of the environment was the metallic tile, which received yellow electrostatic paint and was installed to act as a support for the rack. Note that the TV is supported on the rack, but it could perfectly be installed on the metallic structure, transforming the tiles into a beautiful panel for the television. You can call emergency service repairs for issues.

Wrapping The Garden

Galvanized tiles also have great decorative power in outdoor environments such as gardens and backyards. Instead of using wooden fences, painting, or any other type of coating, you can choose the versatility of metallic tiles to compose and delimit the region beautifully and originally. The garden at the back of the house received a metallic tile fence covering the entire wall around the environment. A lounge with comfortable wooden benches covered by a pergola and a dining area was created.

Also, For Sophisticated Environments.

Those who think metallic tiles are only used in more straightforward projects where the intention is to decorate at a low cost are wrong. The living room design has a sophisticated decoration with several materials such as a marble table, wooden furniture, natural fiber carpet, hydraulic cement floor, and a wall covered with stones. Metallic tiles with white paint were applied to the sidewall of the room, enhancing the high ceilings of the room. A composition of paintings was mounted on the white panel, which was illuminated through directable spots for greater emphasis on details.

An Industrial Touch In The Bathroom

When choosing the wall covering for the bathroom, we are faced with numerous options and prices ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. Those who like the industrial style know that metallic tiles can be another option and cheaper material through the company you can trust. The bathroom above has been completely covered with galvanized tiles, which are very resistant to oxidation. Detail on the half wall was created and also applied throughout the interior of the box. The floor was coated with blue-chip, and the ceiling was lined with wood to bring a more incredible feeling of warmth to the bathroom.