What is the Meaning of White Lily?

Have you ever learned about the language of flowers? In other words, it is called Floriography. In the language of flowers, people are attributing those beautiful blooms with many symbols and meanings, according to their color, mythology, and background stories. In Japanese, it is called Hanakotoba. Every flower has its unique and different symbols, for example, the lilies. Lilies are strongly associated with purity and innocence because of their delicate bloom and their common color. They are dubbed as the Queen of Garden who is bursting with many hidden meanings and symbolism behind their beautiful bloom, and of course, one of them is the white lily you can find almost everywhere.

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White lily is rich with symbolism and meaning, from femininity, purity, love, and even grief. They grew in almost every part of the world, from Europe, most of Asia, southern Canada, and most of the United States. They are herbaceous flowering plants, blooming from early to mid-summer. They can produce unique scents, and their petals have a trumpet-like shape, making them easily recognizable everywhere. They are largely used in joyous occasions like wedding ceremonies but can also be used in sorrowful happenings such as funerals. These lilies are also popular to be mixed with other flowers as a bouquet for gifts. You can order it directly in any flower shop or have it delivered via flower delivery Singapore in FlowerAdvisor. If you still doubt whether this is the right one for your gift, we have compiled the details of this plant’s meaning below!

The symbolism of femininity

Because white lily has a delicate and beautiful shape, accompanied along with its sweet scent, it makes this bloom a symbol of femininity. This symbol originated back in Ancient Egypt, where Greek and Roman brides were usually given a garland of this bloom on their hair. It was said to signify the promise of purity.

A speck of inspiration

 These beautiful plants are said to be the best gift for congratulatory gifts because their pure colors bring inspiration and illumination, related to artistic ideas coming to fruition. Pack up a bouquet of these delicate blooms for a thoughtful gift for your creative friend!

A token of love and devotion

The secret language of flowers was largely developed during the Victorian era, where the Victorians love to give meaning to almost every blooming plant they knew. They also use a bouquet to express their feelings, especially the romantic ones. They also said that if a lady received a lily bouquet, she would immediately know it was from her significant one. Because of their white colors, they are also said to evoke everlasting devotion, hence they can be used as a hand bouquet for the bride to hold when walking down the aisle.

Purity and virginity

Because this enchanting bloom is also called the Madonna lily, it is depicted as the symbolism of the Virgin Mary in much religious art. This is also the reason why white lilies are widely used at Christian weddings.

Flowers of grief 

When words fail us, we can always have a bouquet of flowers to speak for us. Especially during moments of grief and sorrow, we can use these lilies to express our condolences. They are often used in funerals and memorials in the United Kingdom because the pure color is associated with peace and serenity.

As these plants become the symbol of sorrow and grief, you need to be mindful when sending this gift to Asian countries like China, Korea, and Japan, especially if you meant to give them as a gift for those who fell ill or for a wedding ceremony. Your present might be confusing or considered inappropriate because they symbolize death and mourning. If you want to give this white-colored bloom, make sure to mix them along with other flowers to avoid misconceptions about your presents.

Symbol of rebirth

 Aside from merely expressing grief and sorrow, this bloom is closely related to the meaning of a rebirth. In Ancient Roman, they are placed in the hands of the deceased before they were buried to depict the meaning of a rebirth.

In mythology and history

In Greek mythology, lilies were said to form from Goddess Hera’s breast milk. When she was sleeping, she was tricked into nursing the infant named Heracles. When Hera woke up startled, she pulled the baby from her chest, then some of the milk spilled out, stained the heavens, and part of them fell to the earth as a lily.

This Queen of Garden has also been said to be a gift from the Virgin Mary to the king of Clovis in the year 465-511. It is said to have dropped down from Heaven and symbolizes the power derived from God in France.