How To Remove Lice Quickly?

Lice treatment has a dual purpose: eliminate nits (pesticide treatment) and lice (pediculicide treatment). For this, two types of products can be used:

Treatments Based On Asphyxiants

Lice breathe through the body. It is, therefore, possible to asphyxiate them by coating them with fatty substances, such as coconut or monoi oil or silicone derivatives (dimethicone). Unlike insecticides, these products are not toxic since their action is mechanical. Another advantage: unlike other insecticides, lice do not develop resistance to its products, the 2018 selection of which you can find on Dolcissimo.

Natural anti-lice treatments (essential oils, onion juice, vinegar, meadowsweet shampoo, etc.) exist if you prefer an alternative. Please note: they do not replace drug treatment, and if the infection worsens or does not disappear, consult your doctor. It is recalled that essential oil is contraindicated in children and pregnant women, especially if it is pure.

To protect themselves from a galloping invasion, the whole family and the entourage likely to be contaminated must be monitored and treated by Lice removal phoenix for example. 

Here are some examples of effective essential oils to prevent head lice:

  • Tea tree essential oil: also called tea tree, this essential oil has insect-repellent and antiparasitic properties;
  • Lavender essential oil: particularly effective against head louse;
  • Lavandin essential oil also refers to fighting against lice to prevent infestation.

In prevention, pour one or two drops of the essential oil of your choice on accessories such as a hair elastic, a hat, or a scarf. You can apply a little vegetable oil-essential oil mixture directly behind the ears. In addition, putting a few drops of essential oil in the shampoo prevents lice.

Other Measures

To ensure that you are done with head lice, it is important to eliminate them from your environment. To this end, the following measures is recommended by Lice Doctors:

Clean all objects that may have come into contact with lice (clothing, scarves, toques, caps, brushes, combs, sheets, stuffed animals, etc.). You can:

  • soak them in undiluted head lice shampoo or warm water (about 65°C or 150°F) for 5 to 10 minutes
  • put the clothes or bedding in the dryer for 20 minutes (on the hot setting)
  • have them dry cleaned
  • store them in a tightly closed plastic bag for at least 10 days
  • Vacuum carpets and sofas

Remember that it is essential:

notify the school, daycare, or daycare center immediately that your child has lice so that the staff can take the necessary measures and notify the other parents; 

tell your child to avoid sharing objects and very close contact (e.g., hugging) until the lice are eliminated.