Yacht Rental in Tenerife for Sunset Encounter

The evening lights of the city of Tenerife reflect in the ocean, creating a vibrant palette of colors. As the sun slowly sets below the horizon, it leaves a promise of a wonderful evening and a peaceful night. This picturesque panorama is a feast for the eyes. Renting a yacht to meet the sunset in Tenerife will gift you unforgettable sensations. Enjoy the warm ocean breeze and make sure to swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Yachts at sunset in Tenerife are the perfect location for an ideal photo shoot. During the evening rental, the sky’s color is breathtakingly beautiful, and the soft light is perfect for an evening photo session. Your photos will be filled with warm hues and will beautify your social media feed. Don’t forget to capture this romantic moment and record it on your phone.

Yachts at Sunset in Tenerife

We have selected the most popular yachts for you, on which meeting the sunset at sea is particularly impressive. We advise booking in advance to ensure a romantic evening on board. Good boats in the port are scarce in the evening and are usually booked well in advance. Take care of this point on your wish list for a vacation in advance.

The ideal duration for rental is 3 hours. This time will be enough to swim and relax. Finding a yacht for a shorter duration will be difficult due to the extremely high demand at sunset. This time is perfect for:

  • making a heartfelt wish while holding hands;
  • arranging a date with your wife to add a spark of happiness to your relationship;
  • celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or wedding anniversary;
  • enjoying the sunset and making a proposal;
  • drinking sparkling wine in camaraderie;
  • sitting wrapped in a blanket, leaning your head on the shoulder of your loved one.

We have developed unique routes for meeting the sunset on a yacht. They run along the coast of Tenerife to enjoy the beautiful evening illumination of the city and swim. There are many scenarios and routes. Everyone will find something that brings a feeling of immense happiness and total bliss.

Choose your favorite white evening yacht from our catalog and book it. Our yacht managers are always on call and ready to help you organize a personalized vacation.

Yacht Trip During Sunset

The evening time starting at 17:00 is the most popular. The sun is not as hot as during the day, and the anticipation of a passionate night adds romance to the moment. Meeting the sunset at sea is incredibly beautiful. Bring champagne with berries or order our catering for a romantic dinner.

In the evening, the lights along the promenade turn on, and the night lighting of the buildings creates a fairytale atmosphere. Dolphins playfully jump out of the water, seagulls cry in the sky, and warm air envelops you from all sides. This view of the sunset from the sea is especially striking and unusual. Your girl will melt in your arms from the happiness you have given her.

Yacht Trip for Newlyweds in Ibiza

Renting a yacht in Ibiza for a sunset encounter is an exceptional way to pleasantly surprise your loved one. The cost of this mini sea journey will not exceed a visit to a fine restaurant, but the emotions will be incomparably more vivid. Stunning picturesque landscapes and panoramic views of the Ibiza coast, mountains, and cliffs from the sea side. Crystal clear water. The gentle Mediterranean sun and your beloved by your side. We guarantee a wonderful time.

The trip can be complemented by a romantic dinner. A glass of champagne and a kiss against the backdrop of the setting sun in each other’s arms. Such an evening will be remembered forever. And remember the good omen – if you meet dolphins, make a wish, and it will surely come true.

Yacht Relaxation for the Young!

Words that evoke a fairytale journey full of romance. We will help make this wonderful idea a reality. First, it’s important to choose the yacht. Often the question arises: sail or motor? It all depends on the preferences of the young couple.

The sail will create a romantic mood – it’s an indispensable attribute for those in love with yachting. The specific sound of the sail in the wind combined with the cries of seagulls and dolphins in the sea promises a surge of emotions and the desire to immerse in each other’s arms. Motor yachts are great for those who appreciate comfort. A comfortable grand cabin with a wide bed is perfect for passionate nights during the honeymoon at sea.

You can take care of the catering yourself or order our catering service. We work with the best restaurateurs in Ibiza who will offer you exquisite dishes for your cruise.

Cruise Routes for Newlyweds

Newlyweds can embark on a journey along a self-designed route or choose one of those suggested by the captain. Depending on the rental duration, you can explore the amazing locations all around the island of Ibiza.

Remember that in the high summer season, the number of spots in marinas is limited. It’s better to plan your tour in advance to book places.

We recommend early booking as it is cheaper and more reliable. Although there are many beautiful yachts in Ibiza, those suitable for a honeymoon are not so numerous, and the demand for them, especially in the summer, is very high. Don’t worry, in case of a storm, we will reschedule the charter date or refund the money in agreement with the young couple.