Quick-release degreasers – What are the Benefits that Make Them So Popular? 

Industries are liable to make the earth a safer and greener place. Governments across the world have taken steps to monitor the waste management of heavy industries. One crucial process in industrial waste management is the separation of oil and water before draining the effluents into the water bodies. Quick-release degreasers are the answer to this sophisticated process.

Let’s learn a little about quick-release degreasers and how they differ from other cleaning agents.

What are quick-release degreasers?

Quick-release degreasers are a surface cleaning agent widely used for industrial purposes. Their ability to make a short-term bond with the grease and remove it instantly from the surface makes them a qualified cleaning agent. Then, they withdraw the bond with oil again to make the wastewater devoid of hydrocarbon contents. This is what makes quick-release degreasers, such as the Optimax degreaser, a perfect solution to effective wastewater management.

Since they are biodegradable and eco-friendly, quick-release degreasers can be used in any type of terrain. They are compatible with marine-type and barren land-type ecosystems. The non-hazardous nature of these degreasers makes them user-friendly as well.

Quick-release degreasers, when mixed with water, form an electrochemical compound called a micelle. These micelles are responsible for removing the grease from the surface to be cleaned.

How do quick-release degreasers help in wastewater treatment?

The process of water-oil separation in wastewater management mostly works on the principle of specific gravity difference between the two fluids. The oil and water should separate from each other during the process of gravity separation. A quick-release degreaser enhances this separation rate and makes the wastewater solution devoid of oil emulsions. This helps the wastewater treatment process in the following ways:

  • The time required for the entire separation process becomes less. 
  • The whole wastewater treatment becomes cost-effective.

Quick-Release Degreasers and Their Impact On The Environment

Quick-release degreasers are environment-friendly and biodegradable. Any spillage of these degreasers into soil or water bodies will not affect the environment in any way. 

  1. Quick-release degreasers make wastewater treatment eco-friendly by converting the wastewater residue to a disposable-friendly solution. 
  2. The oil, which is now separated from the wastewater, is readily available in its pure form. It can be used for multiple purposes after effective recycling processes.

Quick-release degreasers are shaping the future of our environment one step at a time. So, do not hesitate to be a part of that change by switching to quick-release degreasers at the earliest.