What to Expect When Subscribing to WOW! Cable TV

Cable TV isn’t something you find in every household today. Back in the day, having a cable TV connection was essential just like other utilities such as water and electricity. It was the means of staying updated on the news national and international, any necessary announcements by the state, and well, entertainment for the family as well.

There are maybe over a hundred service providers across the US, with various brands operating in different states. Almost all of them provide all three services: Internet, Cable TV also known as Digital TV, and Home Telephone services, with their own plans and bundles for customers to choose from.

WOW! is one of the most renowned service providers across the US. Its internet plans and bundled service packages are very popular among its customers. They offer different internet speeds with unlimited downloads and much more. But when it comes to Cable TV, WOW! really has stepped up in the midst of all the streaming services that are dominating the industry.

Here’s What You Get When You Subscribe to Wow! Cable TV 

Massive TV Lineup 

WOW! has taken the liberty of dividing its channel lineups into three different tiers, in order to cater to different customer segments. They’re called Small TV, Medium TV and Large TV – the names are self-explanatory for which customer they’re best suited to. This applies to Wow! Cable TV and WOW! tv+ subscriptions, both. 

The three tiers of WOW!’s channel lineup differ in terms of diversity. There would be more channels like popular national networks in Medium TV for instance than there would be in Small TV. For someone who’s not an avid TV watcher, Small TV is great. But of course for families and people that prefer diversity, and do watch cable TV apart from having subscriptions to streaming services, Medium TV and Large TV have the channels they would need. 

On Demand Library & Pay-per-View

To compete with streaming giants like Netflix, WOW! Cable TV has its very own On Demand Library with thousands of options for its viewers to choose from. Whether you subscribe to WOW! Digital Cable TV or WOW! tv+, viewers for both have access to the On Demand library and Pay-per-View content. Pay-per-View content can be viewed as many times within its 24-hour window. 

WOW! has made it easier for its viewers and supports viewership on smaller screens like smartphones, tablets, even on laptops and PCs. So you can basically watch the content anywhere and anytime! It also has the option to pause, rewind and fast-forward as you please. 


DVR is available for WOW! customers in two options: standard or in HD. HD is however recommended for the best viewing experience. With DVR, viewers can record their favorite TV series or movies from live cable TV to watch later. It allows for recording two broadcasts at once and store up to 20 hours of HD TV. 

For WOW! tv+ subscribers, their package entitles them to the WOW! tv+ box that features Cloud DVR as well as voice control. Subscribers can store up to 50 hours’ worth of content and add more hours if need be!

On-Screen Guide

Any subscription to WOW!’s TV services gets viewers an easy on-screen guide. The WOW! TV guide makes it more convenient to navigate around the digital cable TV service, allowing you to keep track of your favorite TV content.

WOW! Mobile App

As we mentioned previously, service providers like WOW! have picked up their game and managed to stay relevant amid streaming giants that are dominating the industry. WOW! has its very own mobile application called Ultra. It is compatible with Apple devices supporting iOS 5 and above, and Android software – so if you have any Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Motorolla, Google or ASUS mobile devices you’re good to go.

With every package, WOW! subscribers can enjoy all the above-mentioned features of WOW! TV. What more could you want from your local cable provider? Subscribing to any WOW! Cable TV package, or any other WOW! service as matter of fact, you get your money’s worth.