Know The Portier Vision And Portier Plan For End Customers And Sellers

Portier IT-Solutions has made a name for itself worldwide with its software management systems and lock systems.

With portier vision, information such as a key number or cylinder management type can be called. With proper locking systems access authorization, you can control who has access to any place in the house. Additionally, you can quickly visualize the closing movements of individual rooms and areas.

With larger buildings in particular, this gives you a better view of the situation than you would otherwise. CAD plans drawings in DWG or DXF format can be easily integrated with software. You can easily see which key fits the cylinder.

Portier vision

Managing and organizing locking systems. Performance makes sense and each mask is clearly laid out. Information waiting, key, person and length of time the key can be used by this person can be immediately added to the mask.

Portier vision allows for shared processing and more users can access the software. For example, a receptionist could issue a card and issue a house permit. Similarly, the visitor receives an entry card from the parking lot of his colleague.

You can easily place new orders and duplicate cylinders, keys and security cards in the system. All manufacturers are supported, both in electronic ordering system locking systems and equipment.

At producer conferences, you will learn how to use the system and its modules effectively with other customers or vendors.

Manage online too!

For companies with a distributed lock system has location management for key holders and users, it is advisable to purchase the appropriate software for managing keys, cylinders and house and yard authorization. Portier profi offers you benefits especially in areas that need protection: Clear, easy to use even online.

Their cloud carrier solution makes your daily task easier because you do not have to worry about installing and updating software. also offers internet access to the lock system, even if you only have your tablet, an online consultation for a customer whole dealer. Protect SSL connection with management of master key systems.

Is the Locking system well protected?

Their software solution meets all the requirements of the EU GDPR. File storage and processing took place only in German data centers. These are protected by multiple firewall systems in accordance with BSI and apple iMac specifications. SSL gateway only verifies encrypted transmission of your data. They also use Trusted CERT SSL certificates and detailed documentation from signed certification authorities.

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Can you also use the software as a reseller or consultant?

Yes, as a salesperson and consultant you can use portierPlan and thus support your customers in their work with a lock system and management of key bundles. This is also possible at

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A man and a woman on a PC with a concierge program on digital receipts

A young woman with a tablet and digital locking system Porterplan on

Can you also get products for your customers in the cloud?

Yes, that can be done without problems. For modern service providers it is important to be present individual installation, digitally and above all as a partner of your customers. As a retailer or consultant, if your customers agree, you can use simple tools to help them set up online. They provide everything for you and your customers.

What is different about your company?

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