Survey maker

Survey maker: constructor of surveys and questionnaires

If you create forms and surveys, it is better to choose a universal tool that will allow you to prepare different formats and analyze their effectiveness in one window. We will consider how to make a survey with the help of specially-designed survey makers.

How does the platform work?

Online surveys help you quickly collect respondents’ opinions, process the answers, and use the information to solve your problems. You can assemble the form in a text editor, but using specialized services with automatic information collection and built-in statistics is better. If you need to run surveys regularly, you need a reliable tool to create a social media link, send an email invitation, and check the results in a user-friendly interface.

The best options in the market

In this selection, we will consider 3 convenient services to choose your best free survey maker:


It is a multifunctional platform that aims to form an answer based on the collected statistical data to solve the set tasks. On the one hand, the Questionstar functionality is straightforward and intuitive. By the way, a beginner can easily use it. On the other hand, a professional will find more than 30 types of questions here.


The service allows you to create a pop-up survey that can be placed on the site, or shown at the right time, for example, immediately after ordering in an online store. You can create a survey according to your needs. With Yafi, you’ll get feedback and statistics that you can use to improve your site for your users, test new features, and hear customer feedback.


In the free version, you can create 5 questionnaires with endless questions. When completing a questionnaire, more than 100 ready-made templates are available, tips for respondents, the ability to place one or all questions on the page, and arrange questions in random order. There’s a survey progress indicator, a label for required questions, and a social share plugin.