Managing Fixed Asset As being a Corporate Financial Strategy – The Accountants’ Perspective


Negligence fixed assets operating a company management remains underscored by most executives and decreased to just being products with physical presence. Based on Investopedia, it’s a extended-term tangible bit of property the firm owns and uses in producing its earnings and isn’t likely to end up consumed or altered into cash any earlier than a number of year’s time.

The Planet Accounting Standard, IAS (i.e. IAS 16) also views it assets whose future economic benefit will probably flow towards the entity and whose cost may be measured reliably. It’s associated with among 2 types: “Freehold Assets” – assets that are purchased with right of possession and used, and “Leasehold Assets” – assets utilized by owner without appropriate for that time-frame. Typical exmaples include plant and equipment, structures, accessories, machinery, vehicles and equipments, computers and it also equipments etc.

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The tries to keep, use and track they are referred to as fixed assets management. It’s essentially a cpa la way in which seeks to follow along with fixed assets for your purpose in financial accounting, preventive maintenance, thievery deterrence and to track the region, quantity, condition and depreciation status of asset.This management practice features a inclination to look beyond just its quantitative nature to incorporate the qualitative attributes too and could usually consider methods for example asset planning, procurement, tracking, depreciation and disposal. The commonest management technique is the fixed assets register that’s essentially helpful information register acquainted with keep a record the fixed assets from the organization and shows information regarding the cost of assets, date of acquisition, name of supplier, reference code along with other details essential to compute for depreciation and tax purposes.

Relevance operating a company

Fixed assets management is generally not considered an essential priority by companies however a effective fixed assets management provides numerous benefits that cannot be underscored. Among a few in the relevance are:

  • It can benefit a company to monitor all of their assets and may tell in which the assets can be found, how they are utilized, when changes were created on their own account.

  • It ensures that depreciation minute rates are precisely calculated and regular assessment of individuals make sure that it’s reporting in fiscal reports are accurate.

  • It will make more efficiency functioning must be good factor management enables a company to know the abilities from the assets, and the best way to be operated in the very best manner to enhance profitability.

  • It can benefit to learn from tax reliefs via capital allowance. By utilizing capital allowance for depreciable assets, a effective asset management guarantees full enjoyment of tax benefits open to all identifiable fixed assets.

  • It can benefit to prevent misrepresentation in fiscal reports. A effective asset management will assure that fixed assets values are precisely recorded in fiscal reports to prevent any potential overstatement or understatement of asset values.

  • It help assess and identify risks connected while using utilization and possession within the assets for the relevant minimization ingredient that need considering.

  • Likely occurrences of thefts are decreased as proper accounting within the asset process of recovery will assure the business maximizes the returns without any products lost in route.

Undesirable Effects operating a company

Possibly the fact fixed assets aren’t liquid anyway could consider a few in the primary explanations why executives pay less focus on it even though it may comprise a substantial area of the total asset round the company’s balance sheet. However, its undesirable effects is non-negotiable for virtually any business. The chance undesirable effects include

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  • Can result in inaccuracies in fixed assets value reported in fiscal reports as proper data on asset might not be in position and finally reduce investors’ confidence in fiscal reports

  • Fixed assets report may also harder time for you to be created as data might be incomplete or non-existent

  • Without fixed assets management, a company assets might be uncovered to thievery or misuse because of poor tracking

  • Its absence could cause excessive capital expenditure with no connected productivity hence affecting cashflow

  • It might lead for that undervaluing or overvaluing of company’s operations

  • It might also affect overall company performance if inaccurate gains or losses on disposal of assets are recorded getting its connected tax implication mainly within the situation of gains

  • It might cause additional or elevated audit cost as auditors might need to harder across the audit of assets because of incomplete records or non-information on records


  • It could cause poor capital budgeting especially in which the primary source data developing the reason behind budgeting is full of inaccurate or incomplete information