Why You Shouldn’t Go Beyond Fresh Pizza Doughs?

Who doesn’t like hot and delish pizzas? On a sunny Sunday or a gloomy Monday evening, you might feel like eating a fresh pizza. The store-bought pizza base is tough and chewy. There’s no freshness and you have no idea when it was baked. Perhaps it was baked last Friday or two weeks ago. The point is – you should be digging into a freshly baked pizza. 

Tossing some toppings on the store-bought pizza base and keeping it in the oven isn’t close to baking a fresh pizza. 

You shouldn’t go beyond fresh pizza doughs due to multiple reasons. Here’s a quick post that highlights the reasons for ordering pizzas from a place that makes their dough on-site. 

Let’s get started! 

Fresh is Healthy & Tasty 

Fresh pizzas are healthy and tasty. When a pizza place says they use fresh ingredients, it doesn’t mean that only the toppings are fresh. The dough needs to be fresh too. 

If the dough is made a week or a few days ago, it’s still not fresh. You need something that was made on the same day. 

Eating too much pizza can be unhealthy, but eating a pre-packed base is unhealthy too. You need to order a Livraison double pizza. 

Nobody likes to eat stale pizzas – they are very chewy and the bread goes bad after some time. You might find that the old pizza base (the pre-packed ones) starts tasting funny. 

Compare it with a fresh pizza – you will enjoy eating a piping hot pizza but not a store-bought pizza base. 

How do you find piping hot and fresh pizzas in Montreal? 

If you are living in Montreal, there are quite a few pizza places that you can try out. Double Pizza is one of them – their dough is made on-site and the toppings are also fresh. 

The pizza place guarantees freshness and all the options are high on taste as well. 

Stale pizzas will make you sick for days – it gives you a bad tummy, headaches, bad throat, and fever. Food poisoning is quite common these days and the blame is on stale food. 

Your kids might be a big fan of pizza, but if you care for them – don’t feed them pizzas made with a stale base. 

Don’t look for convenience – ordering a pizza won’t take much time. All you have to do is call up and order your favorite pizza. 

Fresh dough pizzas are the tastiest and healthiest, so don’t go for stale options.