Guide to bringing goods to Canada: Things you must know

Moving to Canada from another country can be exciting. The journey adds to the happiness when you know the process well and clear your customs duties. There are certain rules to importing household goods or business products to Canada. Moreover, certain duties, taxes, and services are to be paid for the customs clearance as suggested by firms like Clearit Canada customs clearance.

General goods where you don’t pay duty while traveling with these to Canada include;

  • Clothes
  • Jewelry
  • Linens
  • Books
  • Furniture
  • Antiques
  • Musical instruments
  • Gifts worth to a certain amount limitations
  • Farm equipment
  • Business vehicles
  • Wedding gifts and more…

Insight to bringing goods to Canada: Things you must know

The Canadian borders have certain laws and may ask you to provide a list of documents for import. One of the most essential steps is to obtain a Canada Customs Invoice or an equivalent document that allowed commercial shipment of goods to import to Canada. The exporter can either submit documents on their own or hire a customs broker to do it on their behalf.

To enjoy customs clearance, they may have to obtain a business number similar to ITN number for car importing. For duty free goods as stated above, they need to declare the goods to the customs office and obtain a duty free certificate.

A few other details include;

  • Good declaration form
  • Order shipment details
  • Origin of goods
  • Standard business invoice
  • Personal identification form
  • Business registration details
  • Invoice of goods purchased
  • Total value of goods
  • Documents proving tariff, duty, and tax clearance

Canada customs clearance may take a few minutes to several days as per the circumstances, goods, and scenarios that may differ from person to person or business to business. However, your customs broker can help you complete the entry for customs and transmit the documents within minutes. It is be because they understand the process and know the steps involved.

Hiring abroker can save you time and efforts. Moreover, you don’t have to coordinate with the customs office to track the progress of your request as they do it on your behalf.


You can always look up to a customs broker from Clearit Canada customs clearance for any concerns related to customs and clearance formalities. Hiring them is not a challenge as customs broking firms are available in various locations to add comfort and convenience to the clients. Moreover, you can also chat or talk to them online.