Is VDO an Officer Post in Rajasthan? What are the Promotions in Rajasthan VDO?

The post of VDO or Village Development officer in the Indian state of Rajasthan is that of an administrative officer. To understand further, the job profile has to be figured out. A Village Development Officer (VDO) is a state government worker who is answerable for the general improvement of a town. He/she is a managerial official. The VDO needs to work for the town with the Gram Pradhan, and different obligations show up with this post. Rajasthan VDO job profile includes different obligations, which are referenced underneath.

The Job Profile as a VDO Officer

●       Tracking of issues

 The Gram Pradhan, the town agent, sorts out every one of the town’s issues and reports it to the VDO. The VDO is liable for tracking down the arrangements of such issues.

●       Execution of tasks

    A VDO should take care of the appropriate execution of the country advancement projects and commissions started by the state just as the local government.

●       Communication expert

    A VDO should speak with the senior officials at the Taluka and District level to better execute different advancement programs.

●       Removing obstructions

    Alongside it, he/she should be prepared to confront any sort of obstructions that might emerge in the execution of country improvement plans.

●       Coordinating among the residents

    A VDO should get the residents associated with the local area and pioneering exercises.

●       Being present for all

    A VDO should guarantee that every one of the locals benefits from the different rustic improvement plans that are carried out to make people’s lives better.

●       Infrastructure development

    A VDO should take care of the sterilization of the town, further developing water security, compost putting away, working of streetlamps, advancement of rustic streets, strong waste administration frameworks, and so on.

●       Agricultural development

    A VDO should track horticultural yields and changes in agribusiness, which is the foundation of the town economy. Alongside it, he/she ought to put forth attempts to advance enterprises and trade.

Scope of promotion to reckon with

Any job is done keeping in mind the scope of long-term promotion, which is true for all kinds of circumstances. The jobs that do not offer many scopes of promotion are seen as not in demand. Each individual strives for proper means of moving up the ladder in their respective careers, and promotion is the only means to do so. It is about the growth and development of individual careers and fostering stability within the workplace.

Every one of the applicants working under the public authority has consistent vocation development. The VDO is first elevated to ADO after working for 12 to 13 years. Then, in the wake of filling in as an ADO for 8 to 9 years, they can be elevated to Block Development Officer (BDO).

It is thus intriguing to observe here that the scope of promotion in the case of this job is huge. With every stage, the scope of raise will be something to consider. Along with that comes increased power, prestige as well as responsibility. These facets make the job of a VDO so appealing to a wide range of people in the region of Rajasthan. Many people appear in Rajasthan VDO exam because the scope of growth coupled with benefits and prestige is immense to reckon with.


Hence along these lines, it is intriguing to see here that the extent of advancement on account of this occupation is colossal. With each stage, the extent of the raise will be an interesting point with also. Alongside that comes expanded power, distinction just as an obligation. The profile is that of an officer, and that too appeals to many people in this case. Many individuals subsequently show up in this test because the extent of development combined with advantages and notoriety is a huge deal.