Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy is Beneficial for Faster Healing of Dental Procedures

When your body is injured or through a surgical or medical procedure, platelets and other growth factors are naturally released into the bloodstream. Platelets, also known as “thrombocytes,” aid in the formation of blood clots and the mending of injured tissues. The normal platelet-count in blood ranges from up to 350,000 per litre. The processing of platelet-rich plasma increases the concentration of platelets. It will be increased to level of 1 million platelets per litre of plasma fluid. The higher concentration helps in promoting faster cure, and the patients will not have to suffer from extended period of discomfort.

PRP has recently been shown to speed up healing following oral and maxillofacial treatments. Platelet-rich plasma therapy has also been shown to help in periodontal regeneration therapy. Onlay and inlay grafts, ridge augmentation techniques, sinus lift treatments, and cleft, lip, and palate surgeries are all procedures that can benefit from the PRP injections. PRP can also be used to mend bone abnormalities following teeth extractions or cyst removal. PRP therapy has improved patient outcomes in bone grafting surgeries by increasing bone morphogenic protein (BMP).

When you choose PRP therapy as part of your dental operation, your dentist will obtain the PRP from your blood, which will be drawn before the procedure. While you’re getting ready for your procedure, your PRP is enhanced using an FDA-approved centrifugation apparatus. It can be made into a serum or a gel and is ready to use at the end of your treatment. However, always remember that the equipment used and rotation speed, and various other aspects play an important role in the PRP composition. Hence, always ensure that your dentist is using a centrifuge machine and PRP tube from the best manufacturers.

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Benefits of PRP in Dentistry

  • There have been no reports of infection, the spread of diseases such as hepatitis and HIV, or other side effects.
  • The presence of growth factors in PRP increases the chances of tissue synthesis resulting in faster tissue regeneration.
  • PRP can be prepared while the surgery is being performed by a competent dental practitioner. As a result, it does not take up any of your time.
  • It is simple to obtain.
  • PRP is easy to work with as it makes bone replacement materials as well as bone grafting products more gel-like, and making them simpler to apply.
  • PRP can help with a variety of restorative dentistry operations, including the closure of a cleft lip, repairing defects created by tooth removal, and the excision of cysts or fistulas.

Fast healing is highly valued in the dentistry field, as well as in the broader medical field. The earlier a patient recovers from surgery, the less likely he or she is to get an infection or develop other major consequences. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is ideal for speeding up the healing process following certain dental procedures. However, before deciding whether PRP is correct for you, you should speak with your dental surgeon.