Few Benefits of Handling Pallet-less Using Slip Sheet

Plastic pallets are no doubt useful in many industries, but they are bulky and heavy and are tough to manage. It can be a burden when you use manual pallet inverting systems. The best alternative here is to use slip sheets as they are leaner and lighter.

Slip sheets, which are used in commercial transportation, are thin, pallet-sized sheets, which are kraft laminated paperboard, or made of plastic or corrugated fibreboard.

They are used for pushing or pulling a load on and off the platens of the pull-push attachment, such as a pallet, and are placed beneath the weight.

Top Industries Inc. has provided many solutions to industries and warehouses and has also developed slip sheet forklift for many of its customers.

As businesses begin to recognise the potential for ROI (Return on Investment), slip sheets are growing in popularity. They have many more benefits than pallets. The slip sheet offers a company great possibility for efficiency gains as well as cost reductions.

As opposed to a pallet, a slip-sheet can be thrown away after each usage and doesn’t need to be tracked or maintained. Furthermore, it weighs less than a wood pallet.

This allows you to pack more products into the container or truck using slip sheets, utilising the available space as effectively as possible and saving money on transportation costs. It is considerably thinner than pallets and requires significantly less storage space.

Slip sheets are thought to be environmentally benign and are easy to recycle because of the growing number of businesses that make them from recycled materials.

So, what is a slip sheet?

A flat sheet of solid fibreboard, corrugated board, or plastic (PE) sheet having tabs on one or more sides is referred to as a slip sheet. It can be used as an alternative to conventional wooden pallets for unitizing the load during storage and transportation in warehouses.

A forklift truck with a unique hydraulic push-pull attachment is necessary for using slip sheets.

What are the various advantages of pallet-less handling?

1.     Reduction in weight

The weight of a slip sheet is just 650 gm/m². Wooden pallet weighing 12 kg/m². So, you can fill the container or truck with more goods that are loaded onto slip sheets.

Typically, businesses load 30 or 60 wooden pallets into containers or trucks, but now with pallet-less management, you could alternative wooden pallets and can easily load 360 kg or 600 kg more cargo.

2.     Reduction in volume

The slip sheet thickness is about 0.8 mm, and the wooden pallet is about 120 mm thick. As a result, you can put more items in the container or truck.

The components can be double-stacked to save roughly 240 mm/m². Start moving your things more efficiently and stop carrying about wood or using the air.

3.     Convenient loading

A whole container could be loaded in the approximately same amount of time as it would take for loading it on the wood pallets because of the slip sheet or pallet-less handling solutions.

4.     Slip sheets need not have to be fumigated

Slip Sheets are made using a dry process, so they don’t require fumigation.

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