Raise the Accounts Payable Process: Change to MICR Check Printers

Accounts Payable could be a critical reason behind watch, and it is necessary that invoices are compensated rapidly and efficiently. While personal check payments are really declining in the last decade, just about all companies still use check payments to pay for their bills, using the Federal Reserve’s 2016 Payment Study. MICR printers can provide these companies the opportunity to avoid fraud and human error, although being economical.

Before MICR Check Printers: Issuing A/P check payments by hands

Just about all Acounts Payable (A/P) departments getting to cover invoices through check payments still use pre-printed check stock along with a laser or us us us dot matrix printer instead of the MICR printer. Individuals pre-printed checks alone pose some significant risks:

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Cost – Pre-printed check stock is costly to buy, store, distribute and re-order if company information changes.

Fraud – A pre-printed check may be the easiest instrument to change or forge.

Human Error – Manual processes are more likely to mistakes.

After: Automating the Accounts Payable (A/P) check issuance process with MICR Printers

A built-in hardware and software solution produced created for check printing creates a secure, cost-efficient method of printing A/P invoices on-demand and will be offering control of the whole process. The Accounts Payable printing solution includes CheckPartner Enterprise software and secure MICR printers.

CheckPartner Enterprise combines the information transfer abilities on the internet along with the latest check printing technology allowing companies to safely print checks with complete charge of the procedure. Our secure MICR printers print static data, variable data and needed signatures on blank check stock on-demand in one printer pass. This combination of hardware and software offers control and visibility for printing A/P check payments as needed, offering greater efficiency using this business-critical function.

Listed here are the advantages of having a secure MICR solution for check printing.

Eliminate the advantages of pre-printed check stock – it save 82% in paper costs alone by switching to blank check stock and check printing technology

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Virtually eliminate the chance of check fraud – no pre-printed checks to obtain pilfered

Automate helpful information check payment process – automation eliminates the chance of human error

May be the organization still using checks to pay for employees? Cut back and prevent fraud by utilizing a great MICR strategy to print the checks. Inside the finish, who not want to avoid wasting money instead of lose sleep at night time over how they are disbursing their workers earnings?